Hi, I’m Andrei Gladkyi, a software engineer living in Lviv, the city in western Ukraine. In this blog I write about all the things that interest me.


Currently I’m working at SoftServe, Ukrainian outsourcing company. My primary specialisation is Ruby + JavaScript stack, however occasionally I develop small thing with Swift and Go for hobby.


I used to be a desktop software engineer for a while. As I remember, my career started somewhere in the mid-90s with developing applications with C, Pascal, Assembler, Visual Basic, Delphi and C#.

Later (around 2004) I decided to change my career direction in favor of web development. I was creating web sites with PHP for about 6 years but then switched to JavaScript and Ruby.

At the same time I started closely working with system administration stuff. I got acquainted with various Linux and BSD systems, server-side software and shell scripting.


Usually I take arg or agladkyi account names. You can find me on GitHub where I push the most of my code, on Twitter where I post some meaningless things and also on 500px where I share my masterpieces (joke) of photography. Also here is my LinkedIn profile.